A Pervasive Digital Presence

More than ever before, a strong digital presence is an imperative for any business wishing to compete seriously in today’s marketplace… whether it’s a B2C or a B2B enterprise.


Being present in the online arena is imperative for the simple reason that today, the buying process starts online. By the time a prospect picks up the phone to potential suppliers, they will already have done the research online and will have a pretty good idea of where they want to go. A logical assumption therefore, is that being strong online will have positive effects on your business, as your products or services will more often feature in the research process.

Another justification for ‘being online’ is the global nature of business today. Increasingly, decision makers are spread across the globe. Simply put, online content is the most cost-effective means of reaching this global audience. Decision makers can access content at a time convenient to them.

Following on from the issue of convenience is the fact that many buyers are also strapped for time. Having an online presence allows 24 hour access to your content and allows people to view it when they have time.


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