Watson Commerce

Combining business expertise with the power of cognitive insights.

Now, you can provide relevant and personalized experiences at each moment of the buyer journey. IBM Watson Commerce combines business expertise with cognitive insights to better understand customer preferences, behaviors, and market influences.

Elevate Your Supply Chain

IBM and Watson Supply Chain’s cognitive capabilities can help predict and mitigate disruptions and risks – and deliver greater innovation and value to your business.

American Express Open Forum

Social Network for Entrepreneurs

Discover what works for others and share what works for you. Get inside the minds of other entrepreneurs and collaborate with peers and mentors you trust.

Digital Tools To Help You Run Your Small Business

Finding a great website or app can make life a little easier for a busy small business owner. Here are some tools that our viewers are using to help run their companies.

A New Chapter for Small Business Starts Today

See why small businesses have the power to help reengineer our economy and how OPEN Forum has tools that can assist them.

TV Commercial

No detail is too small…

Growing a Small Business in a Competitive Market

If your company is successful, you can pretty much guarantee that other entrepreneurs are going to try to stake their own claim in your space. So, what can you do to fend off this competition?



Business in the Networked Society

The way we do business in the Networked Society is evolving. Industries, companies and organizations are no longer limited to places or traditional financial models. Connectivity has enabled a more open way of working and drives transformation and innovation across industries. Ericsson combines cutting edge technology and services, setting the standards that allow any idea to reach global scale.

Networked Society Film

We speak a lot about the Networked Society. What do we mean? It is our vision of what will happen when everything that can benefit from being connected is connected, empowering people, business and society.

A Game Changer

Revenue Manager has been designed to meet the specific needs of the Networked Society and the required digital business transformation.

On The Money

Money, value and trust in the Networked Society.

On The Brink

Discussions of the emerging opportunities enabled by technology as we enter the Networked Society.

Thinking Cities

As the world faces serious economic, environmental, and social challenges in achieving a more sustainable development, Thinking Cities explores the challenges and opportunities of urbanization in the Networked Society.

Mobility: Facts & Figures

Growth in mobile communications and data traffic just keeps accelerating. This report looks at where this growth is coming from, where it is heading and what it means.

The Future of Learning

Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share in whole new ways. This dynamic shift in mindset is creating profound change throughout our society, including the potential to redefine how we learn and educate.

The Networked Society

Positive change in the world takes a combination of brilliant ideas, good timing, and a lot of hard work. Change-makers have continuously shaped our society by bringing communications to everyone, everywhere.


Growing Better Businesses

Building Relentlessly Relevant Brands

Maintaining relevance as competitors, customers and categories shift takes both strategy and imagination. When you put the two together, you get big ideas and even bigger outcomes.

Joining Forces

The acquisition of the Altimeter Group demonstrates Prophet’s commitment to helping senior executives understand and act on digital as a transformative force in their business.

Building Strong Brands

Capturing market share is becoming more elusive. Marketing investments must work harder than ever before, and creating relevant brand connections has become increasingly complex. What hasn’t changed is the fundamental purpose of a brand.

Igniting Digital Transformation

Faced with new competition, new technologies and newly empowered customers, successful companies need to transform themselves at a pace that matches the evolving digital landscape. Leaders face a stark choice: transform at the pace of digital, or risk being abandoned by customers and stakeholders.

Transforming Customer Experiences

Today’s most successful companies don’t just deliver great products and services; they deliver on their brand promise with a customer experience that is seamless, persuasive and delighting.

Highlighting The Work

By opening our apertures to seek out what the world can teach us about a problem, our clients’ issues—and sometimes ourselves—can create work that inspires as well.



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