Growing Better Businesses

Building Relentlessly Relevant Brands

Maintaining relevance as competitors, customers and categories shift takes both strategy and imagination. When you put the two together, you get big ideas and even bigger outcomes.

Joining Forces

The acquisition of the Altimeter Group demonstrates Prophet’s commitment to helping senior executives understand and act on digital as a transformative force in their business.

Building Strong Brands

Capturing market share is becoming more elusive. Marketing investments must work harder than ever before, and creating relevant brand connections has become increasingly complex. What hasn’t changed is the fundamental purpose of a brand.

Igniting Digital Transformation

Faced with new competition, new technologies and newly empowered customers, successful companies need to transform themselves at a pace that matches the evolving digital landscape. Leaders face a stark choice: transform at the pace of digital, or risk being abandoned by customers and stakeholders.

Transforming Customer Experiences

Today’s most successful companies don’t just deliver great products and services; they deliver on their brand promise with a customer experience that is seamless, persuasive and delighting.

Highlighting The Work

By opening our apertures to seek out what the world can teach us about a problem, our clients’ issues—and sometimes ourselves—can create work that inspires as well.


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