You can do anything.


Make It Happen.

No matter who you are or where you are… the Web can help you do anything. This year, use the Web to make it happen and take life head on.

Don’t wait another minute… just do it!

Yes… the power of the Internet.


King Arthur Flour

A Vermont flour producer uses the Web to transform its 220-year-old operation into a popular baking company.

Twitter helps businesses connect with potential clients, customers, peers and partners.

Here are eight reasons to use Twitter to promote your business:

1. Stay on top of industry trends. Follow authorities in your industry, including authors, trade associations, and related organizations so that you’re always learning.

2. Attract your target audience. Find them, exchange tweets with them, share information with them. Twitter is an active community covering a wide range of demographics, making it a powerful place to share content and build your audience.

3. Monitor breaking news. I personally learned about the deaths of Ted Kennedy and Michael Jackson via the almost instantaneous tweets on Twitter, not to mention other important news alerts that come through in a blink.

4. It’s fun! Really! Twitter gives you a great platform for connecting with potential clients, customers, peers, and alliance partners, not to mention an active community of content where you can learn at every turn. Each day is a new adventure full of opportunities.

5. Find discounts and special offers. Retailers share coupons, sale announcements, and other offers for their Twitter followers.

6. Conduct industry research. You can use Twitter as a platform for asking questions and getting important answers from your audience.

7. Drive traffic to your Website or blog. Share new blog posts and articles on Twitter along with a link back to your site and you will discover how powerful this platform can be.

8. To use it well, you’ve got to love it. I don’t know anyone who has built a large audience yet finds Twitter frustrating, annoying, or time consuming. The real secret to success on Twitter is to enjoy using it because that will come through and will make everything you do there stand out even more.

— Stephanie Chandler,

Do You Need a Website Makeover?

web makeover, web redesign


Every once in a while, it’s good to have a Website makeover and throw out the old stuff that’s not working while refreshing your site to give it a bit of a boost. You should always be doing ongoing maintenance to keep your Internet presence fresh and up to date. However you may find that sometimes you just need a good Website overhaul.

A Website makeover does not have to be a scary or overwhelming thing. If it is, then maybe you need to step back, take a few deep breaths and then decide to hand the project over to a professional, so you don’t have to stress over it.

That being said, if you aren’t really sure if you need a Website makeover or not, here are five signs that may indicate the need for a good site overhaul.

1. Your Website does not reflect your brand
Your brand is the image you project to potential clients, customers, partners and anyone else who comes in contact with you and your business. You should be using your consistent branding on all of your marketing materials, including your Website.

Does your Website match your company branding? If not, then you definitely need a Website makeover to get it up to speed!

2. Your Website does not have the functionality you need
You really need to have social media (facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) links on your Website to start and maintain conversations with your visitors. Or you want to build your mailing list, provide reports or offer whitepapers. Or any other number of important things that you want to do with your Website to attract and connect with your audience. But your Website just isn’t built with those features and you don’t know how to add them.

If this sounds like your situation, then you definitely need a Website makeover! And you need to make sure it gets re-done right and on the right platform to support whatever functionality you need.

3. Your competition looks better than you
If your competition’s Website looks better than yours, then chances are you need a Website makeover – and you need it NOW!

Your Website is the first impression that many people will have of you and your business. And if your competition’s Website sets a better first impression, guess who your potential clients and customers are going to go to?

4. Your content is out of date
Has your company gone in a new direction or changed focus? Are you offering some new products and services that aren’t on your Website? There are any number of things that can change over the course of weeks and months that can change the focus of your business, what you offer or other important factors.

Make sure these changes have been reflected on your Website! If your Website copy is out of date, then you need to get it up to speed right away.

5. Your Website isn’t generating new leads, inquiries or sales
If your Website isn’t working for you and bringing in leads, inquiries and sales, then you definitely need a Website makeover.

Your Website’s job is to attract new opportunities to you, to help you make sales and build your business. A Website makeover can help you get your Website on track to do just that!

Spend some time figuring out just what you need your Website to do for you, who your competitors are, what kind of people you want to attract and what you have to offer them.

If you find that you do need a Website makeover, then start looking at your options for getting it done. Don’t put it off and think that it’s not important, and can wait for another day. That will just cause you to lose potential clients, customers, sales and money!

Above all, remember that your Website is an important piece of your marketing strategy and treat it as such! Give it the attention it needs to be a good lead and sales tool for you, and it will work for you to grow your business.

If you’d like to have a “free” review your Website, simply reply below. I look forward to hearing from you.