Your Business Should Embrace Social Media

August 18, 2012

Small businesses are starting to take social media a lot more seriously.

They say timing is everything and right now not even the greatest of skeptics can deny the shear power in numbers. Indeed the numbers don’t lie and the fact that over 900 million users just on Facebook alone is enough to sway the resisters.

If nothing else, business owners such as real estate brokers, plumbers, dentists, you name it need to take a closer look at the real benefits of adopting and implementing a social media campaign. More to the point, they would be wise to set reachable goals towards making their social media campaign a success.

That being said, let’s explore some ways to harness these timely social media opportunities so that when you, Mr and Ms. Business Owner are ready to take action, it won’t seem nearly as daunting. Here we go…

  • Change happens quickly; acquire needed social media skills now (or hire someone in the know) to avoid falling behind your competition.
  • Stay up-to-date on social media developments in order to increase ROI.
  • According to Nielson ratings, upwards of 80% of all active users in the U.S. visit social media Websites on a regular basis.
  • Facebook is now the most visited site on the Internet, so it stands to reason that your customers can be found there as well.
  • Social media has helped business increase sales, reduced cost and reinforces brand awareness (Forbes).

So there you have it… a few good reasons to consider using social media as part of your business marketing efforts. Whether you’re still on the fence or ready to take the plunge, this is information that can help give you a competitive advantage.

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