Web Design Tip for Startups

November 07, 2012

Consider Responsive Web Design

More people are getting away from their desk computers and going outside with their mobile phones.

Responsive Web design is the effort of making a Website display properly on any device. The beauty of this is that responsive design does not need to be code-specific to every device out there. It intelligently changes the content based on browser width. If it’s designed correctly, your user will no longer need to zoom in to find content.

Illy did a great job with its Website (www.illy.com). In the picture (left), you can see how the desktop version transitions into mobile. Now the user does not need to ask questions or zoom in to read text — the Website is presented exactly as it should be, no matter where or how it’s accessed. Customers have a clear understanding of who and what Illy is, and defined call-outs especially designed for mobile make it a breeze for on-the-go users.

Responsive Web design is becoming exceedingly important every day as the number of mobile and tablet users increase. It has become an natural evolution of our industry and very much a standard to adhere to.

[source: Mashable]