A good reason to update your Web site.

August 07, 2017

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Is your site navigation complicated and confusing?

The most important thing about your site is your customers’ ability to use it properly. Convoluted and confusing navigation is detrimental to usability, but many sites make these common navigational mistakes.

Common Navigation Mistakes

  • Too many options – navigation should be limited to seven (7) items.
  • Navigation text is generic – the link text should blatantly tell the user where they are going when they click on it.
  • Poor categorization – you have an easy-to-use navigation structure. But as users go through your site, it’s hard to find what they are looking for because your products and services are not in the right places.
  • Multiple primary navigation areas – keep your navigation focused with one primary navigation location, usually the header.

Your Web site’s usability is the most important aspect of your Web presence.

There are always opportunities to add better content and graphics without a complete redesign, but if usability is hindered in your navigation, it’s essential to redesign your site’s hierarchy.

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