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Microsoft Cloud

Stadium open to 450 million fans

The Microsoft Cloud enables Real Madrid to create a more personal connection with their fans around the globe.

Special Olympics is Redefining Winning

Microsoft Cloud enables Special Olympics to change how 4.8 million athletes celebrate results.

The Cloud in Action

The Microsoft Cloud is as unique as the companies that use it. From a city that streamlines how its people travel through it, to a global outdoor apparel company that connects…

Meeting Demand for Data

Microsoft Cloud enables AccuWeather to respond to up to 10 billion data requests per day, from over 200 countries…

Brilliant Bus

Estella Pyfrom brings technology access to kids, literally. Her Brilliant Bus is a mobile learning station that gives under served communities access to the technology that will…

Braylon O’Neill

Born missing the tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs, six year old Braylon O’Neill is now thriving and playing sports…

Empowering Cancer Research

Wu Feng uses the Microsoft Cloud to digitize laboratory science. His work has radically reduced the time it takes for researchers to sequence a human genome.

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