Social media helps clients find your law practice.

July 24, 2012

“I don’t get new business by just sitting in my office waiting for potential clients to find me.” — Rainmaker

A good rainmaker is always actively promoting their firm and expertise on many fronts, They engage people they meet at parties, sporting events, dinners and other social gatherings, and gladly accept speaking engagements at bar associations, business organizations, CLE seminars, etc.

Similarly, this active approach applies to your Web site. Your Web site should be part of your rainmaking. It should not just passively wait for prospective clients to find it, but instead actively promote engaging content that highlights your expertise and success stories. Blog posts are ideal for this purpose.

Social media is the ideal platform for rainmaking, i.e., helping clients find you. Rainmakers don’t just engage with people they already know, they actively promote the firm to those they don’t. A well orchestrated social media for law firms strategy is much more than attracting Facebook fans. An effective program follows the “rainmaker” approach and is composed of multiple promotions of engaging content to multiple social media channels done consistently and sustained over time.

How does social media help clients find you?

1. Dramatically expands your audience of potential clients.
2. Drives visitors to your Web site.
3. Provides a platform for communication (responding to comments on your blog posts).
4. Promotes your expertise and success.
5. Improves Google search ranking for your law firm Web site.
6. Helps clients find you where they are looking for legal services – on the Web & social media

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to carry your message to thousands of people. Just as importantly, if your message (Blog post) is engaging, it will be shared, tweeted, bookmarked, Google+’ed, liked, etc., exponentially increasing your audience of potential clients.

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