Smart marketing in a fast-paced world

September 24, 2012

Make sure that your audience (of current and potential clients and customers) can find you.

In the 24/seven, on-demand world we live today, people are using Internet technology more and more to make their buying decisions. This includes the entire buying cycle… from research to comparison to purchase (for products and services) and searching on mobile devises for local businesses.

Statistically one-third of mobile searches are with local intent (people want to purchase now). So if your business does not have a distinctive and informative Web presence, and show up their mobile device either through search or local listings, then they are probably going to do business with your competition.

Your marketing strategy should be all about connecting and developing a relationship with your target audience… starting with your message and continuing long after the sale. Internet technology offers the most cost-effective options for generating new clients and customers, and staying in contact with them.

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