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Internet Search Gaining on Word Of Mouth

Demand for products and services are driven by corporate profits, regional and global expansion, and the overall health of the U.S. economy. Although some of these purchases are necessary, many of them can be postponed during economic downturns.

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Although consumers still commonly rely on word of mouth to find the products and services they want and need, the Internet is becoming an increasingly important source for generating new clients and customers.

“Many business owners and marketing managers are hesitant to invest time and resources into expanding their online presence because of limited budgets or questions about the return on investment. But in today’s connected marketplace, businesses that lack a robust digital, mobile and social strategy could miss out on new opportunities.”

Independents, entrepreneurs and business owners should focus on staying ahead of the curve by using several methods to market themselves, including having a Website with quality content relevant to their audience and employing an array of social media platforms to promote their content.

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By taking steps to improve their online presence and making sure they can easily be found by the growing percentage of people searching online… independents, entrepreneurs and businesses can build their reputation and their client/customer base.