Some things are just better in print.

In today’s marketplace, how businesses and organizations connect with their audience is becoming the primary means of differentiation. Effective communication has never been more important.

Marketing literature represent the opportunity to tell your story in full color and on paper. It is important that your prospects have something to physically hold in their hands, to carry around with them, and most importantly – to easily share with other decision-makers. Every business should have a well-conceived, well-written, attention-grabbing capabilities brochure to start. Other collateral materials become necessary as you attempt to detail the benefits of your products and services. When creating your firm’s collateral materials – trust ted360 to help you create high-impact collateral that works in concert to close business.

Annual Reports
The annual report is one of the most important documents a company publishes. It showcases the events of the previous year, and provides direction for the coming year. It is the formal communication from the corporate management to the shareholders. Although an annual report delivers the financials and vision of the company, it’s true purpose is to build brand trust and loyalty with the public and Wall Street. Does your annual report accomplish this? Have you leveraged your report by making an interactive version available at your Web site? If not, let ted360 manage the development of your next annual report. You’ll be surprised at how far it can take you.

Marketing & Capabilities Brochures
A brochure represents a company’s capabilities. It helps to re-enforce the message delivered by your salesperson. It is typically left behind in the hands of a prospect in order to create a lasting memory of your brand and value long after the salesperson is gone. Therefore, like a sales person, it must be concise, informative, and visually appealing, and must be incorporated into an easy to read format. A brochure can take on a variety of styles and formats – from a four-page brochure to a 12-page brochure with pocket folder and business card holder. Regardless of the format or complexity, ted360 can provide a total creative solution from concept through printing. We will even take the finished brochure and create a digital version that you can post on your Web site.

Magazines and newsletters come in all shapes and sizes and have many different objectives. Magazines are typically designed to inform, entertain, and persuade an audience with similar interests. Magazines are larger to allow room for targeted advertisements. Newsletters on the other hand are used as a communication tool for companies to their employees or customers. These collateral materials serve a strong need for a company not covered by traditional branding and advertising. Because newsletters are not perceived to be advertising, you can capitalize on soft-sell techniques to build loyalty and retention. Newsletters are great for generating repeat traffic to your Web site by providing immediate communication with your audience.

Posters are great for branding and promotion. Posters are geared towards an audience that is in a particular location such as an event or workplace. Posters are designed to create a strong presence while conveying a simple message. The next time you are planning an event or hanging your corporate values in the workplace – count on ted360 to turn your simple messages into stunning posters.