Responsive Web Design

November 01, 2013

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People are viewing your Website on all types of devices…

iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.

Imagine your Web site perfectly adjusting to whatever size screen and device its viewed on? With responsive (mobile-ready) Web design, your site will always be ready to showcase your business or organization to existing and potential clients, customers and contributors.

For Startups, Businesses, Campaigns & Organizations
Responsive Web design is the latest trend in Web development and quickly becoming a standard practice. We design what the Website will look like on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. The amount of information displayed can also be customized relative to the viewing needs of your users.

A responsive (mobile-ready) Website is better for conversion rate optimization and search optimization. The user gets to see a custom fit Website for their particular viewing environment.

If they are on a mobile device, we showcase the Website to be a single column and easy to scroll with a flick of a finger. If they are on tablet, the user is able to see more information, as the screen is wider. If they are on a desktop they receive the full viewing experience, with all the bells and whistles. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about updating multiple Websites or platforms… and search optimization only has to be done once.

ted360 can create your first responsive Website…

or take your existing Website and transform it for a perfect viewing experience on all devices.

Benefit: Perfect on All Devices
Don’t miss out on any more site visits. Responsive Web sites will adjust to the screens of any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Benefit: Single Updates Mean Less Work
When you update a Responsive Website, the edits are made throughout the site regardless of which device you are viewing it on.

Benefit: The Future is Mobile
Mobile use is increasing, in fact mobile phones have already eclipsed desktop computer sales. Make sure your Website can be viewed on all devices.


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