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October 20, 2017

Tips that will boost your Web conversions.

Having an excellent Web design is important for any company. A Web designer is always challenged with crafting digital solutions that do not only look good but are user-friendly as well.

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[source: Technology Reviews and Updates] Good company Websites should be able to effectively convert traffic coming into their site while a Website conversion is the most important factor in online marketing and strategy. It means getting site visitors to do what the company wishes to be done whether that be to buy a certain product, apply for a membership, sign up for a newsletter or fill in a form. Great Web design is not just about having an aesthetically pleasing interface but is also about the experience your users encounter when they get to your site and achieve what the site is set out to do. Here are five essential Web design tips that will boost conversions.

1. Invest in good layout design
Make your layout support your content and not the other way around. The user should first be able to see your main message and other supporting content (blog posts, videos or news about your company) alongside your conversion points and calls to action. Remember, your site is not there merely to showcase your company but also to achieve your goal of raising conversions.

2. Make your Web design responsive
Aside from taking desktop design and layout into account, your Website should also be able to accommodate traffic coming in from mobile platforms. Good Web design also allows the user to navigate and make use of all the Website’s features on their mobile devices.

3. Incorporate SEO into your Web design
Every digital marketing strategy needs a strong SEO or Search Engine Optimization component which allows users to rapidly browse through popular search engines like Google and access the assortment of products and services offered by your site and company. Good search engine optimization will allow you to achieve natural rankings, improve visibility and reel in more traffic. However, traffic isn’t all you’ll want for your site so be sure to have a good CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization strategy to help convert as much of the incoming traffic as possible.

4. Publish great content.
When it comes to Web design, content is important for ushering in traffic as well as raising conversions. Content is what drives a user to decide to buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter or download an ebook or invest in managed services. While having good content may not necessarily increase conversion, good content can help visitors become intimately familiar with your product, services, and brand over time. Whether it involves videos, blogs, photos, GIFs or other interactive programs; valuable content is the ultimate key to Website conversions.

5. Prioritize user experience.
Websites can be optimized for first page ranking in Google. Visuals and a great user experience can increase traffic flowing into your Website. To improve user experience, you first need to know who the user is, how he or she gained access to your site, what does he or she need or want from the site and now that the user there, what does he or she expects to get. A great user experience begins by the developer understanding the needs, preferences, and behaviors of visitors in the site.

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