Lead Generation

September 27, 2013

This is probably the number one reason of starting a Website or blog!

If you’re not capturing your Website’s visitors’ information, then you’re definitely losing money!

You should include at least one optin form on your Website whether on the top left/right sidebar, at the end of your posts, bellow the header or on separate landing pages.

Here is an example to simplify:

Imagine that you spend $1,000 to drive 5,000 visitors to your Website. If you direct them to a sales page, and you get let’s say a 1% conversion rate, you’ll have 50 customers, right?

So 50 visitors of those 5,000 bought your product, but what happens to the other 4,950?
They leave and probably never come back!

Even if you hire a professional copywriter to craft your copy and double or triple your conversion rate, there still be lots of visitors who will leave without taking any action.

That’s where email marketing comes in handy!

You already know that those 5,000 people are already interested in your product or service. However, they didn’t buy from you NOW for a variety of reasons including: you didn’t really convince them, your product is too expensive for them at the moment, they don’t know you, they don’t trust you, they don’t know if your product will help them…etc

You shouldn’t really let those people go just because they’re not ready to buy yet. You should capture their emails in exchange for a valuable free gift. You’ll still lose many of them because that’s how business works, but at least you’ll manage to convert those who optin into paying customers by overcoming their objections with very helpful and valuable emails.

Here is the same scenario… but with email marketing in mind!

You spend $1,000 to get 5,000 visitors to your Website. 1% of them buys and that means 50 people. Let’s say that your product is priced at $37. You’ll be making $1,850. That’s a $850 profit.

Now imagine that you offer some valuable free gift to the 4950 people who leave and let’s say you get a 10% conversion rate. You’ll get 495 people to optin into your email list without buying your product.

Now let’s say that you have a 10% conversion rate on your email nurturing campaign. That should bring you an additional 50 customers. These 50 customers will make you an additional $1,850. That will make the whole revenue come up to $3,700 for just spending $1,000. That’s a 270% profit!

Bottom line, you should have some lead capturing mechanism on your Website!

[source: High Quality Social Media]


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