Better Marketing, Better Business

December 05, 2013


Getting your business to stand out in an age of broadcast advertising, cold calls and emails is tough, especially when you are seeing low returns on your marketing efforts.

Most of our Websites are powered by hope… hope that people will come, hope that someone will fill in a contact form and hope that they will want to do business with us.

Most of our marketing plans look more like a series of random acts of tactical kindness with little integration or measure. These old school marketing tactics just aren’t delivering the results they used to and to top it off the cost of bringing on new clients is rising. This creates pressure within a business and often leads to a disconnect between marketing and sales and so the “blame game” begins!

As business owners, we have seen their target market’s buyer behavior change, but many of us haven’t changed fast enough.

Become Better Marketers
The modern buyer is using the Internet and social media more and more to research and discover businesses and organizations that they want to engage with. We need to understand and use the laws of attraction to draw the right target audience to our Websites by making it easy for search engines to find and index our content and we need to use the right social channels to reach our target market.

Once they’re on our Website, we need to engage our audience with great original content in order to convert them into leads. We need to nurture that prospect so that our sales teams are able to close deals more easily and at a lower cost. We need to delight the new customer in the long term and make it easy for our sales teams to sell more and maintain those relationships more easily.

We call this approach inbound marketing. To us inbound marketing is better marketing.

What do I Need to do Inbound Marketing?
To begin, you must first put the right marketing platform in place. The right platform makes your Website more than just a Website – it is a business-ready Website geared towards generating and nurturing leads. You must create unique content that engages your audience and that content needs to be optimized for search engines so that it can be easily found by your target audience. You need to build and engage within social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube) in order to increase your reach.

The greater your reach, the greater your success.

Better Marketing Means Better Business
It’s quite simple. An engaged target audience who finds real value in the marketing material you create is easier to sell to. They will naturally place more trust in your business because you’ve engaged them on their terms and demonstrated why they should choose you above the competition. Your sales team will love you because the leads you put through to them are ready to be engaged.

But better business means more than just closing better deals. Better business is about making your business better by providing insight into your own marketing so that you can make the right decisions about what works and what doesn’t. Better business is about providing business intelligence to management teams so that they understand the value of marketing and can report across the entire sales process from stranger, to visitor, to lead, to customer and promoter.

Put the Dinosaurs to Bed
Adopting an inbound marketing approach is rewarding and it makes sense at a business level… whether you are a corporate executive, marketing officer or small business owner. To execute an inbound marketing strategy well, a diverse skill set is required. You must build the marketing platforms needed to run successful inbound campaigns and then help create, optimize and present content that reaches your target audience.


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