Benefits of Using WordPress for Business

November 18, 2012

Every business needs a Web presence. Every business needs to be found through search. Not every small or new business has a large budget to make this happen. Enter — WordPress.

Today WordPress powers one of every 6 Websites on the Internet, nearly 60 million in all. It is a powerful open source, easy-to-use and search-friendly Web platform that helps you unleash the power of the Web for your small business.

[source: Bloomberg] Many businesses develop their own WordPress sites while some may opt to hire a WordPress developer to assist them. Either way you choose to proceed, using WordPress for business is a great way to get a site live for your company.

Why You Should Use WordPress for Business

  • Flexibility: A novice WordPress user can get a site live in no time and an experienced WordPress developer can make something awesome happen.
  • Easy-to-add content: Almost anyone with a quick tutorial can add new content (posts or pages) to your business’ WordPress site. You are never tied to a single developer — you can maintain the site internally.
  • Great-looking WordPress themes: WordPress has many options when it comes to themes. A theme can be installed and help you get more than half way done with the site’s aesthetics and design elements.
  • Plugin functionality: WordPress’ functionality can be extended by installing plugins. A plugin is a small program or set of programs written to enhance WordPress. Very powerful stuff.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly: There are many plugins to help you get your basic SEO set up. With little knowledge and expertise, you can have your site’s SEO working for you with no code manipulation. Trust me — this is important to your business.
  • WordPress community: There is a huge WordPress community. Wherever you are located, you can find WordPress groups, WordCamps and a tribe of WordPress users who are willing to help you with your WordPress knowledge.

Whatever your marketing budget may be, rest assured WordPress can accommodate your constraints. Don’t be fooled though, WordPress isn’t just for small businesses and startups — sites like CNN, ESPN and MSNBC are all powered by WordPress.


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