The marketplace has changed… it is global, 24/seven, information-driven, political, on-demand, social and socially-conscious.

To reach objectives and exceed expectations, maintaining a competitive advantage is essential.

At ted360, we create solutions that help entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses and organizations reach a wider audience, deliver useful information, build strong relationships, inspire positive action and generate new opportunities.

Smart is the new big.
The economy is still struggling to turn around… and your business or organization need not follow suit. You can stay competitive and even achieve growth in this tough environment. There are cost-effective tools that will help you generate new clients and customers, members and volunteers, revenues and contributions. (Newsletters, logos, Web sites, postcards, facebook, marketing brochures, direct mail, annual reports, invitations, event literature, blogs, fact sheets, media kits, print ads…)

2012: Year in Review [click here]

In a competitive marketplace, the most successful businesses and organizations will not necessarily be the largest, but those with well-defined brands, clear messages, differentiated products and services, and a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships.

Marketing… can you afford not to?
During this period of economic uncertainty, marketers are faced with the confluence of a changing audience and changing competition. Consumers are searching for information and looking for ways to transact business online as opposed to using traditional channels. Unfortunately, most businesses and organizations are needing to respond to these unprecedented changes with smaller budgets and fewer resources.

Where’s the Opportunity?
As they face these increasingly complex challenges, businesses and organizations have more power than ever to impact their ability to compete and thrive. Even with tighter credit, the opportunity exists to leverage the resources available to focus more on efficient and effective marketing.

This period of challenges is an excellent time to step back and take a fresh look at what has help you achieve results in the past and how you can evolve these proven strategies to work in a changing economy. With so many changes in the marketplace, this is the perfect opportunity to review your marketing efforts and to develop new strategies for moving forward.