A Mandatory Investment

December 05, 2013


It’s hard to imagine…

but only slightly more than 50% of small businesses with annual revenue less than $1,000,000 have a Website. [source: Statistics Brain]

In today’s competitive, global, on-demand and 24/7 business environment, this means that it is virtually impossible for these companies to effectively market their services. Today, a Website is at the center of every company’s marketing universe. A good Website is more than a source of information for clients and customers. It’s a place where they can interact to get questions answered, provide feedback and even place orders for services and products they want.

An effective Website should do:

  • Provide information about services, products, location, hours of operation, etc.
  • Enable contact from interested audiences, prospects, clients and customers.
  • Facilitate transactions and feedback.
  • Allow for easy updates and accessibility.
  • Tell the ongoing story of the business with interesting content.

The Website is the hub where connections are made and maintained. Today, almost every marketing activity from conventional advertising to direct mail promotions to social media posts point back to the company Website. If your company doesn’t have a Website or if your Website doesn’t quite meet the criteria above, this may be a good place to start.

A Mandatory Investment
For a new business, a Website is a mandatory investment. Unless you’re extremely well financed, most of the marketing efforts you’ll be able to afford in the early months of your startup will involve content and social media. Inbound marketing tactics inevitably lead to the company Website, so it’s extremely important to create a Website that is up-to-date, scalable, flexible and accessible to your customers and your staff.


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