2013 Trends in Social Media

January 11, 2013

Social media campaigns are devised for businesses and organizations to meet their objectives. Here are some social media trends that will be implemented to help achieve desired goals and results.

[source: business2community.com]

More elaborate… more thought: Creative driven. Insight driven social ideas. As more people shift from traditional to digital advertising and bring a certain thought process. As more clients spend more money on digital. As more time is spent on social ideas, creativity on the brands serious about social media will continue to get better.

2013trends.socialmediaMore difficulty for social media startups. If you’re looking to be a social media service start up, its going to be difficult. Most brands worth their salt have established partners. There’s a growing importance of social – it’s not an ‘experiment’ anymore. Brands want partners with established credentials. And will have to pay more if you’re good.

Blogging to glory: Focus will shift back to blogs. Companies will start integrating blogging as a critical part of their digital campaigns. Professional bloggers will be in demand like never before. Companies will pay more attention to their own blogs too.

Video content becomes the king: Content will be queen, while video content will become the king. Like 2012 did for photos and images to change fortunes of companies like Instagram, 2013 will be the same for videos, video content and video creating, and editing companies.

Mobile video consumption will explode and not just via 3G networks. The underserved areas (Tier 2 & Tier 3) and rural will drive this demand via preloaded memory cards sold through innovative distribution channels.

Website enhancement: We will also see companies invest a lot more in their own Websites and content platforms rather than sink money on social networks alone. This will fundamentally change the way digital outfits work since a brand Website is much more demanding to build and sustain.

Products will go social: We will see industries with products and services going social. It would not be surprising to see someone release a social watch or a social car this year. Stay tuned.

Retail will go social: Social media has traditionally been defined as what happens online. This year we will see a lot of what happens online go on ground. Be prepared to see functional Like and Tweet buttons getting integrated across various retail touch points in an interactive and efficient manner.

“Brand Boredom” on social media: Brand boredom will impact those brands which over-use monotonous content strategy and rely heavily on FB posts and Tweets in the name of doing social media. Engagement will cease to exist on such pages leading to huge drop out rates of fans/followers which in-turn would see death of such brands on social media.

Integrated marketing: The biggest marketing change is the focus on value generation via mixed marketing mechanisms. Mixing things up (integrating a Facebook campaign or a Twitter activity with an offline connection to it) will increase as brands are becoming mature about how to use social media and understanding its co-existence with other marketing channels.

Social media will be dead… as we know it: The social media is cluttered. Mere contests will not be enough to drive engagement. In 2013, social media firms will need to stay ahead of the competition by identifying key business goals, like loyalty. Then engaging the consumer in a specific manner, like via mobile phones, rather than only social media. The bridge between social and real-world relationships will also need to be built.

Direct ROI in terms of sales and revenue: Increasingly, social campaigns can give direct ROI in terms of sales and revenue. Branding and marketing managers have had enough “buzz creation and engagement,” and want results in terms of how social is helping drive people to stores or helping someone buy the product or service that they offer.

Emergence of new social networking concept in 2013: Facebook engagement will come down on an average, unless Facebook launches new services like full service email or search engine. The users logging into Facebook from mobile will increase. Facebook and Twitter are likely to introduce aggressive advertising models which may include big banners and videos. Social networking and micro-blogging from mobile will increase in a big manner. New social networking apps like fancy, pose and other apps will gain traction.

The online-offline connect: Businesses will steadily start moving from a disruption-campaign engagement model on social platforms to getting social media to integrate more strongly with a consumer life cycle. From real world marketing activities to brand or product experiences, social media will steadily play a larger and better role, and participate when a consumer wants it to.