ted360 is a graphic & Web design agency. We create marketing, digital and branding solutions that provide relevant audience experiences, build strong relationships, generate new opportunities and achieve better results for entrepreneurs, businesses, campaigns, organizations, professionals and communities.

Engage your audience, outpace the competition, be relevant and achieve better results.

We create distinctive, informative, search-friendly, relevant, social and mobile-ready Web sites that will enhance your ability to reach a wider audience, increase awareness, build strong relationships, inspire positive action, gain a competitive advantage and achieve better results.

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There’s a difference between having information and knowing what to do with it. At ted360, we work with professionals, businesses and organizations to create a long-term strategy that’s build around their goals and priorities. We help them compete, succeed and grow… today and tomorrow.


With the change and evolution of modern technologies, businesses, organizations and communities are using digital tools and techniques to beef up existing marketing efforts – to enhance their chances to compete, survive and even grow. To learn more…

or call us at 845-853-8051.

To succeed and grow in today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential that you understand, reach, inform, engage and motivate your audience of clients and customers, friends and followers, critics and supporters, investors and contributors, employees and communities.


We create digital solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses, campaigns and organizations from Midtown to Miami to Marysville to Malibu and points in between. If you need a responsive, informative, engaging and affordable Web site that will help you generate new clients, customers and contributors from around the corner, over the bridge and across the country…

or call us at 845-853-8051.


We create marketing and Web solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses, campaigns and organizations looking to reach a wider audience, build strong relationships and generate new opportunities.


Social media consumes much of our lives and many businesses still have little or no social media presence. Many of these business owners cannot see a proven return on investment, so they opt not to go social. Don’t make that mistake!

or call us at 845-853-8051.



The increase of digital touchpoints and social channels is pushing businesses and organizations to rethink how they connect with and engage their clients and customers, contributors and supporters.


Whether in the comfort of their home, working in the conference room, ordering a latte, waiting at the box office or walking through their favorite retail store… people are connecting with the Web from virtually any place and at anytime. If your business, organization or community needs a distinctive, engaging and mobile-ready Web presence…

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Live the moment. Capture the moment. Share the moment. Rewind through the most epic moments around the world. But as cities go… it is simply extraordinary! Let’s go outside and tell some stories… Simplified Follow athletes as they pitch camp

Online Marketing & Strategy

Tips that will boost your Web conversions. Having an excellent Web design is important for any company. A Web designer is always challenged with crafting digital solutions that do not only look good but are user-friendly as well. [source: Technology

Deliver a More Engaging Digital Experience

Making brands work online. 1. Be consistent Picture this common scenario: offline, your brand is dark, mysterious, premium and extravagant, with considered details and luxurious print finishes. Online, however, your Website is quite different; light, bright and minimalist, leaving users


Money is spent, contributions are given, information is shared, positions are filled, something is traded and people’s situations are made better. We create engaging solutions that drive more of these transactions toward your business or organization.

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Small budgets. Tight deadlines. Big results.

When your next project needs to reach a wider audience, increase awareness, build strong relationships, inspire positive action, achieve better results, generate new opportunities and be completed on time... we can help.